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The Origin

The concept of Embracing the Blur comes from a book I’ve read about sunglasses, "Cool Shades: The History and Meaning of Sunglasses" by Vanessa Brown.

The author explores the cultural significance, history, and evolution of sunglasses from a fashion accessory to a symbol of coolness and mystique. The concept of "embracing the blur" refers to an interesting aspect of early sunglasses and their lenses. In the initial stages of their development, sunglasses were not as technologically advanced as they are today. The quality of the lenses varied, and they often did not provide clear vision. This lack of clarity led to a "blur" effect for the wearer.

This "blur" can be interpreted in several ways:

  1. Literal Blur: Early sunglasses lenses, made from materials like smoked quartz or tinted glass, were imperfect and could distort vision, making the world appear blurred to the wearer. This was a trade-off wearers were willing to accept for the benefits of reduced glare and eye protection.
  1. Metaphorical Blur: The concept also touches on a metaphorical level, suggesting a distancing or detachment from reality. Wearing sunglasses can create a sense of anonymity or separation from the surrounding environment, allowing wearers to observe without being observed. This can be seen as embracing a form of visual ambiguity or "blur" where the eyes, the windows to the soul, are obscured.
  1. Cultural and Social Blur: On a broader cultural level, embracing the blur reflects the mystique and ambiguity sunglasses add to personal identity. They can serve as a barrier or mask, blurring the lines between public and private selves, and between different social and cultural identities. Sunglasses have been used by celebrities, for instance, to maintain a sense of mystery and privacy.
  1. Fashion and Aesthetic Blur: In fashion, the blur can symbolize the blending of styles, eras, and influences. Sunglasses have evolved through various designs, reflecting and influencing fashion trends. They blur the boundaries between functionality and aesthetic appeal, becoming a statement piece that can transform the wearer's appearance.

The concept of "embracing the blur" encapsulates the multifaceted roles sunglasses play beyond mere eye protection. They are imbued with cultural significance, offering a lens (both literally and figuratively) through which we can explore notions of visibility, identity, and the interplay between seeing and being seen. 


IN SANA and the Blur:

Sunglasses possess a unique power to unveil hidden facets of our identity, revealing aspects of ourselves we might never encounter otherwise.

Experimenting with different styles on our faces can stir a whirlwind of emotions, often too complex to easily articulate. It's in this moment of trial that if a pair of glasses feels right, you instinctively recognize it. It resonates with you more deeply than the rest. Frequently, people prioritize external opinions over their own, gravitating towards what they believe will be more universally accepted — typically, the most conventional pair, the one that aligns with current trends.

However, the real magic happens when you pause to reflect on your feelings. Imagine the persona you embody with each pair of glasses. Ask yourself, "Does this feel right? Can I see myself in these?" Embracing something new might not feel entirely natural at first, but if there's even a slight connection, it's worth exploring.

Stepping out of your comfort zone often leads to discovery rather than discomfort. Just like a new hairstyle can transform your appearance, changing your eyewear can influence your wardrobe, draw you closer to your passions, or help you connect with a community you've admired from afar. It's an opportunity to explore a new dimension of your identity.

The influence of trends should be limited. It's crucial for each of us to invest time in self-reflection and dare to explore beyond the familiar. The beauty of it all? You can always change.

"Embracing the blur" is a call to remain open-minded. We don't need to conform to fit into a community. Sometimes, it's the indistinct, exploratory phase that eventually brings into focus who we might become. Investing energy in self-discovery is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself.


PS: My journey of self-exploration began with my first pair of "unusual" optical glasses. Initially met with skepticism and laughter, they eventually became a cornerstone of my confidence. Similarly, a hair dye mishap turned into a defining aspect of my persona. As a designer, these choices have garnered trust in my creative vision, as if my appearance now underscores my understanding of style and creativity. This journey of exploration has not only bolstered my confidence but also shaped me into a better version of myself.


Silvia Fresco - Founder & Designer