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In the journey of creativity and entrepreneurship, certain collaborations resonate deeper, marking not just milestones but also shaping the ethos of what we do. Our collaboration with Giovanna, known artistically as Neko Insonnia, is one such profound partnership that deserves to be celebrated. It marks the inception of UNDA MANNA—our platform dedicated to fostering unique artistic collaborations.

The Genesis of a Creative Alliance

It was in Belluno, our shared hometown, where Giovanna and I first crossed paths. We were both working at a local café, navigating the complexities of life and the challenges of our artistic pursuits. During this period, I was deeply involved in therapy, battling with darkness while also laying the foundational stones for IN SANA. The connection with Giovanna was instantaneous—two creative souls finding solace and understanding in each other’s aspirations.

Giovanna’s art, particularly her signature style of adorning human figures with horns, struck a chord with me. This motif, symbolizing the raw, untamed essence of humanity, beautifully complemented the vision I had for my first collection of sunglasses, Phase Exeo.

The Collaboration: Illustrating a Vision

Giovanna embraced the idea of UNDA MANNA right from the start, even before IN SANA made its debut online. She created a series of stunning illustrations featuring characters with horns donning sunglasses from the Phase Expo collection. These illustrations, printed on recycled paper cards, now form an integral part of the IN SANA unpacking experience—greeting every customer who opens a box of our sunglasses.

Artist Spotlight: Neko Insonnia 

Neko Insonnia was born from an introspective journey aimed at analyzing individual psychology, a search for personal inclinations. The voice of the subconscious merges with the aesthetic exploration of Eastern culture. From the beginning, Japan has been a source of inspiration; its delicate and poignant charm speaks of worlds without the use of words. Added to this is the artist's personal interpretation of the concept of 'Daimon,' to which the symbolic elements of horns and various wild animals are attributed. This figurative component seeks to reinforce the idea of the bestiality of the human being. The wild and uncontrolled nature that lies in the depths of our core, our most true and brutal essence, that drives us towards life. The primal instinct. Neko Insonnia marks the focus on the truth of one's actions, which, if not aligned with what is truly desired, will lead to deep suffering and/or worse, to a spiritual/emotional flattening.

Better to fight for one's own diversity (uniqueness) than to succumb to the apathy of standardization.

Curiosity: Neko means cat in Japanese, and the author has played with a paradox. An insomniac cat, in which she sees herself and tells her story. Today Neko Insonnia is far removed from the long sleepless nights of her past but pays homage to them with this pseudonym that has brought life back to a dark period, from which she has been reborn more serene and at peace with her own demons."

Explore more about Neko Insonnia and her captivating artistry here 

UNDA MANNA: A Confluence of Creative Souls

UNDA MANNA, meaning 'rough wave' in Sardinian dialect, represents a space where artists unite to create something exceptional and gain the recognition they deserve. This platform is not just about showcasing unique art; it’s about building a community that supports and uplifts each other in the relentless pursuit of creativity.

This partnership with Giovanna is just the beginning. We are eager to connect with more artists who share our values and vision. If you are an artist or know someone who might be interested in collaborating with IN SANA, please reach out. Let’s make waves together.

Every artist needs a platform, and every creation deserves a spotlight. Through UNDA MANNA, we aim to offer both. Stay tuned as we continue to explore new collaborations and bring more unique interpretations to light.


PS: Are you ready to ride the wave with us? Contact us to discuss potential collaborations.