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This May, IN SANA invites you to a rare opportunity to own a piece of our heritage. Our sample sale features select pieces from our very first production batch. Each pair in our sample sale is unique, with slight variations that make them one-of-a-kind. These minor imperfections are a testament to our exploratory design process and commitment to sustainability.

As a brand committed to a zero waste philosophy, we believe in giving every piece a chance to shine. Producing on order, we embrace the beauty in small imperfections, seeing them as part of the unique character of our eyewear. This sample sale is an extension of our commitment to sustainability, offering these special pieces a home instead of letting them go to waste.

Availability is limited, and this is a now-or-never opportunity to own a unique piece of IN SANA's history. Each piece is a statement — not just in style, but in values.


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Don't miss out on this one-time opportunity to add a rare, sustainable luxury to your collection.

WHY shop our sample sale?

unique pieces

These pieces are from the very first production batch, featuring special colors that were part of the brand's initial exploration.

This is a one-time opportunity to own a unique piece of IN SANA's history.

zero waste approach

IN SANA is committed to sustainable approach. Producing on order minimizes waste, and part of this commitment involves finding owners for pieces with small imperfections, which do not affect their overall quality.

limited availability

These pieces are limited in quantity. Once they're gone, they're gone for good, making this a now-or-never opportunity to acquire a rare item.

Your Questions, Answered

Why does IN SANA hold sample sales?

We believe in a zero-waste philosophy and strive to find a home for every piece we create. The sample sale allows us to offer unique items at a reduced price, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. It's an opportunity to own a piece of our history and ethos.

Are the items in the sample sale defective?

No, the items are not defective. They may have minor imperfections such as slight color variations or subtle differences in finish, which are typical of prototype stages or limited production runs. These imperfections do not affect the functionality or overall aesthetic of the eyewear and often add to their unique charm.

Can I return items purchased at the sample sale?

No, due to the exclusive and discounted nature of the sample sale, all sales are final. We encourage customers to carefully review the product descriptions and reach out to us with any questions before purchasing to ensure satisfaction.

How do you ensure the quality of sample sale items?

Each item in the sample sale undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that it meets our standards for wearability and design integrity.

While they may possess unique characteristics, these do not compromise the durability or luxury of our eyewear. We provide detailed descriptions of each item, so our customers know exactly what makes each piece special.

How often does IN SANA hold sample sales?

Our sample sales are rare and held only when we have a collection of unique pieces that differ from our standard collection.

To stay updated on future sample sales and other exclusive events, we encourage our customers to subscribe to our newsletter.