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Here you can find all the most common questions.

If you can't find your answer here, please contact us at or start a new chat through the website.

Thank you!


Handling and Care

- IN SANA Acetate Frames

To ensure long-term satisfaction with your purchase, please take note of the following instructions concerning the care and use of your glasses.


IN SANA acetate frames can be cleaned of any foreign substances with the IN SANA cleaning cloth provided, or another gentle, grease-removing lens cleaning cloth. For acetate frames, the use of harsh cleaning agents is not advised as the frame and its components can be damaged. Cleaning via an ultra-sonic bath is also not advisable.


Your glasses consist primarily of acetate, a naturally produced cellulose thermoplastic material that can lose its shape through the everyday effects of thermal influences. Please avoid exposing your glasses to temperatures in excess of 40°C (104°F) or placing them in direct sunlight, for example on the dashboard of your car.


- IN SANA Stainless Steel Frames


Our products are all handcrafted at premier manufacturers in northern Italy, using only the highest quality materials. To ensure long-term satisfaction with your purchase, please take note of the following instructions for the care and use of your glasses.

To maintain the perfect look of your IN SANA stainless steel frames, you should clean them completely and regularly using either the IN SANA cleaning cloth provided or another gentle, grease-removing lens cleaning cloth.

Using harsh detergent for cleaning is strongly discouraged as this can attack and damage the coating, the silicon and plastic parts as well as the lens itself. It is also not recommended to clean your glasses under running water as liquid can collect in the grooves between lens and frame and may, over time, lead to undesirable deposits.

Regular cleaning of the frame prevents the formation of any corrosive substances that in some circumstances could affect the frame’s surface and the appearance of the glasses.

IN SANA Lenses

The nylon lenses used in our sunglasses conform to the major international safety provisions for UV rays and are designed to block all wavelengths harmful to the eyes below 400 nm (UVA, UVB and UVC) as well as filter up to 97% of the HEV (high-energy visible) light. In addition, they are highly break resistant to provide the best possible vision.

Enclosed in your IN SANA sunglasses case is specific information about the filter category of your lenses. The below table details the different levels of tinted lenses and which light conditions they are suitable for (according to DIN EN ISO 12312-1:2015-12):

• CAT 0

Clear to subtle tint (<20%), weak protection against sunlight

• CAT 1

Light tint (20-57%), protection against mild sunlight on overcast days

• CAT 2

Medium tint (57-82%), protection against medium to strong sunlight, normal glare protection in moderate conditions

• CAT 3

Dark tint (82-92%), protection against strong sunlight, on water surfaces, the beach, mountain regions and regions with stronger light conditions

• CAT 4

Very dark tint (92-97%), protection against extremely sharp sunlight, in alpine regions and glaciers. Not suitable for driving.

All lenses are unsuitable for looking directly into the sun or driving at night.

Lens Care Instruction

We recommend using the accompanying IN SANA  cleaning cloth or a similar, gentle microfiber cleaning cloth. You remove lipids and moisture without smearing. To remove stronger dirt stains you may use a lens cleaning spray without alcohol. Please moisten the cleaning cloth with the spray and gently wipe the lenses.


How can I pay?

We provide many different payment methods in our E-Shop (some of which are country-specific). You may pay with American Express, VISA and MasterCard, as well as Paypal wherever you are.

If you have trouble with any of the different payment methods, please make sure you have entered all the required fields correctly.

Should you encounter a refusal of your credit card, please check the following:

• Is the card valid? Check the expiration date on the front of the card.

• Does the name of the card match the billing address you have provided?

• Does the card have credit? Contact your bank to make sure the limit is not exceeded.

• Is the three-digit security code (on the back of the card) and the password on the MasterCard correct.

When will I be charged?

How do I cancel my order?

When will I be charged?

You will be charged as soon as you place your order on our website. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address with details about your order. Please save this email, as this is your confirmation. If you do not find the “Order Confirmation” email in your inbox, please check your spam and trash folders

How can I cancel my order?

Please contact our IN SANA E-Shop Team for any cancellation or changes to your order as soon as possible at or +31 651 277 488 (Monday to Friday: 10.00-12:00 – 14:00-17.00 CET).

Remember, we produce on order - it is absolutely fine if you change your mind, but we kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible.

If we have stock available we aim to ship all orders within the same day from when you make the order, so if you decide to cancel later than that, it is possible that your order has already left IN SANA Headquarter and it's on the way to your delivery address.

Shipping and delivery

How long will I wait for my order?

Depending on your location, the shipping time may take:

Italy: 1-4 working days

Europe: 2-5 working days

Rest of the World: 4-7 working days

After your product has been packed and left the IN SANA HQ, you will receive a shipment confirmation email. This contains all the information about your order, including the tracking number and the shipment status. Think about leaving a message for the delivery company if you are unable to be there when the shipment arrives. International shipments may be subject to duties and taxes. If you have not received the shipment confirmation email, please check your spam folder and bin.

I received a wrong item, what should I do?

The sunglasses I wanted are out of stock. When will they be available again?

I received the wrong item, what should I do?

Please contact our e-shop team as quickly as possible so that we can react. You can contact us via: or +31 651 277 488, 10.00-12:00 – 14:00-17.00 CET Monday through Friday.

The sunglasses I wanted are out of stock. When will they be available again?

The sunglasses I wanted are out of stock. When will they be available again?

All of our glasses are handmade and have a longer manufacturing time. If they are out of stock, the pre-order option will appear on the website - this is the fastest and safest way to guarantee your spot on the line. Once you processed your preorder, you'll get an email with timing and all the other info about your purchase.

If you have any other question, please contact our E-Shop team at to enquire about the manufacturing time for your glasses of interest. As soon as the model is available again we can let you know via email.

Exchange and return

I want to return or exchange my glasses, what is the return policy?

You have the ability to try your product(s) on at home, and send them back to us within 14 days – starting from the day of receipt – for a refund. You do not need to state a reason for return within this time period and you will be given a full refund of the frames if the glasses are in the same condition as when you received them. Please contact us to obtain a Return Sheet to be included with your order to send the glasses back.

As soon as your return shipment has been checked and confirmed, we will refund your payment using the same method you selected for your purchase. We will let you know via email as soon as we have activated the full refund.

Returns will be handled within 3 working days after delivery to our warehouse. We will issue a refund to your credit card of any new item that you return within the return window. Please note that your refund may not be reflected on your account immediately and it might take your bank up to 10 business days to process it.

Do I have to cover the cost of the return shipment?

No. Please send your return to:


Piazza Nuova California 12, 32036 - Sedico (BL), Italy

If you have any other question about your returned item contact us via: or +31 651 277 488, 10.00-12:00 – 14:00-17.00 CET Monday through Friday. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

warranty, claims and repairs

How long is the IN SANA warranty?

Sunglasses purchased in the e-Shop come with a regular 24-month warranty, from the date of purchase, in the case of material defect. Under this guarantee, should any part prove defective in either materials or manufacture, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. This warranty does not replace scratched lenses due to normal wear and tear or cover any damage as the result of mishandling, accident, or unauthorized repair or alteration.

My IN SANA are broken, what should I do?

If you purchased your sunglasses in our E-Shop, please contact our Webshop team and describe the problem. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.