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The Essence of in sana

At IN SANA, we believe that true beauty and functionality transcend the fleeting trends of fashion. Our core values are the foundation upon which every pair of our sunglasses is crafted, reflecting a deep commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and ethical practices. Rooted in the rich heritage of Italian design and mindful innovation, we strive to create eyewear that not only enhances your vision but also embodies your unique identity and values.

Our journey is driven by a passion for detail, a dedication to sustainability, and a vision that looks beyond the conventional. Each piece tells a story of meticulous design, careful material selection, and a harmonious blend of art and functionality. We invite you to explore what IN SANA stands for—a dedication to creating eyewear that respects our planet, celebrates individuality, and upholds the timeless values of artisanal excellence.

Our values explained

hand-made on order

Embracing the ethos of quality over quantity, IN SANA prioritizes hand-made, made-to-order production. Our limited stock—10 pieces for our first collection and an even more exclusive 2 to 5 pieces for our second—underscores our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. By producing on demand, we ensure each piece receives the attention it deserves while minimizing waste, reflecting our dedication to both excellence and sustainability.

slow fashion

In a world obsessed with fleeting trends, IN SANA stands for slow fashion. We believe eyewear should transcend seasonal whims, offering timeless pieces that respect your identity and the story you wish to tell. Our collections are designed to be more than just accessories; they are companions on your journey, crafted to last and inspire. By stepping away from trends, we embrace the true essence of style—unique, enduring, and profoundly personal.

avant-garde vision

Our design philosophy is driven by an avant-garde vision, where only the most distinctive and innovative designs make the cut. IN SANA is not just about eyewear; it's about challenging norms, exploring the infinite possibilities of identity, and celebrating the artistry of each piece. We design numerous models throughout the year but choose to produce only those that truly stand apart, ensuring that every collection brings something revolutionary to the world of eyewear.

made to measure

IN SANA offers a bespoke experience with our made-to-measure option, catering to those who seek a truly personalized touch. This service allows us to tailor our eyewear to fit your unique specifications, ensuring comfort and style in equal measure. While we maintain standard sizes for immediate needs, our made-to-measure service invites you to indulge in eyewear that's as unique as you are, crafted with patience and precision.

Support & supported by local artisans

At IN SANA, we cherish the hands that craft our visions into reality. Our collaboration with local artisans forms the backbone of our creations, blending their traditional skills with our innovative designs.

While some pieces are predominantly crafted by these skilled hands and finished by us (Phase Exeo), others are born directly from our workshop with artisans contributing to specific components (Phase Armour).

This synergy not only enriches our products but also supports the local craftsmanship community, keeping the art alive and thriving.

consciously sustainable

IN SANA is on a journey towards sustainability, navigating the challenges of the eyewear industry with a conscious effort to reduce waste and utilize recycled materials. The reality of small-scale production makes accessing bio-materials a challenge, yet our commitment to producing on order reflects our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint. While we strive towards our sustainability goals, we remain committed to improving and innovating our practices for a greener future.

Reduce waste, Increase quality.

Each pair of IN SANA is unique and requires different techniques to be made ad-hoc.

Each piece is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, showcases the precision and passion infused into our designs. These metal accents are not just components; they are the soul of Phase Armour, bringing to life the avant-garde vision that sets IN SANA apart.

Crafted with precision, they represent the bridge between traditional artisan techniques and modern aesthetics, illustrating our dedication to creating eyewear that's both timeless and forward-thinking. This is where art meets engineering, resulting in pieces that are as durable as they are beautiful.

As we continue to push the boundaries of eyewear design, we invite you to appreciate the finer details that make our collections truly unique. It's not just about looking through the lenses; it's about seeing the world with a new perspective, one that values beauty, craftsmanship, and sustainability in equal measure.

our philosophy

who is "we" at in sana

IN SANA’s sunglasses are the meeting point between decades of Silvia's father Francesco’s experience in the eyewear industry and her creative mind. Together they challenge themselves and the eyewear market to move towards a more sustainable and meaningful future.

Hand making sunglasses involves several steps that requires skills and precision. Design process, material selection, frame construction, sanding and polishing, lens installation, final touches and quality control - it’s all part of the same dance.

All IN SANA's packaging are 100% recycled paper and we are working on new sustainable sunglasses cases.

our story

Step beyond the ordinary. Explore our collections and find eyewear that speaks to your soul.

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