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What's a phase?

IN SANA finds inspiration by combining courage and life experiences, and translates it into sunglasses.
The collections are represented in phases - each one is unique in its nature and speaks its own language.

Being part of a personal journey, the phases do not follow the rules of seasonal/fast fashion.

Each stage comes when it's ready and most importantly, when it has something to share. In this way we maintain a highly exclusive design, which is not afraid to dare and experiment, and which gives shape to a new timeless language. 

an introspective process

On a journey guided by the sound of silence, where the voices of others have vanished, listening seems to be the only tool to find the way to understand others and to discover yourself. 

In Sana finds its meaning in this simple but powerful concept.

This introspective process inspired the designer to tell her story phase after phase, and chose sunglasses to represent it. Through sharing them In Sana shows us that it is possible to extract simple but elegant lines out of an overwhelming chaos. 

The unconventional design of the glasses reminds us that even if we feel finite on the outside we are infinite on the inside. By embracing this self-evolution that truly defines us we can create melodies that otherwise would never be heard.

This is how we create an exclusive and unique design, a fresh start to welcome you on this journey, and let you have a look from the other side.

in the sound

You can think about In Sana as a story, one that not many tell but that’s more common than you think. It speaks the truth, finally shameless.

Or you can think about it as an inner journey, a long unexpected way towards the rediscovery of one’s own essence. Phase after phase it will show you who you are, where you are going.

It's an opportunity to stop, to listen, to grow, to challenge yourself.

In Sana is all this. It embraces its complexity, it chooses to leave the rules that feed competition outside.

Take a moment to listen to all the emotions that make your heart beat - they’re bringing colors to your eyes - what do you hear?

What’s on the other side of what you see right now? 

In Sana - that means “in the sound” - finds its inspiration in this melody, one that responds and generates different forms of serenity.

Dedicated to the power of the eyes, their sweetness and their darkness, and to our most misunderstood desires.


IN SANA born from a place of listening and respect, not only from the designer's friends but also from her family and the artisans, artists and the techno community who supported this project since the very beginnings.

These are two of the most important values at IN SANA. We believe in an environment that grows and help others living in a free and safe environment.

We truly hope that our sunglasses will help every person who wear them to feel safe and free to express themselves.